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3 Best Jogger Scrubs for Medical Professionals

3 Best Jogger Scrubs for Medical Professionals

For healthcare professionals who work long hours, staying comfortable on the job is always a challenge, and one that traditional medical scrubs sometimes fail to meet. However, today, there’s a broad range of choices for anyone who is tired of traditional workwear, and jogger scrubs are one option that can help you look good and feel comfortable throughout the working day. 

Flexible, practical and flattering, these versatile medical scrubs are designed to offer greater comfort over long periods, as well providing a contemporary aesthetic that will help you stand out on the ward! So, to help you find the perfect set for your workwear wardrobe, we’re taking a look at three of the best jogger style scrubs currently on the market.


Top Features and Benefits of Jogger Scrub Pants

Different medical professionals want different things from their scrubs, and with the wealth of options currently available, ensuring you have a range of choices in your wardrobe is a good way to ensure you are prepared for any shift. With this in mind, jogger scrubs provide a comfy, slim fit, with durable and easily cleaned materials that are up to the demands of healthcare professionals in a range of settings. 


Some of the key benefits of jogger style scrub pants include: 

  •   Flattering fit
  •   Choice of pockets
  •   High-quality manufacture
  •   High-tech textiles
  •   Can be worn as street clothes

Since most jogger pants have a tapered leg, they’re considered very flattering and so are ideal for anyone looking to add a little flair to their daily routine.. Having a slim-fit leg also makes them look less like classic women’s and men’s scrub pants, meaning they can be worn out on the street as well as in a hospital setting.

Additionally, many of the best jogger scrub pants have a number of built-in pockets to provide highly functional trousers that can help you to stay organised at work. These provide useful storage space and allow you to carry your valuables, medical instruments and accessories easily and comfortably.

Finally, men’s and women's jogger scrub pants are generally made from high-quality fabrics that optimise comfort and durability. Many are manufactured using breathable, moisture-wicking textiles that are specifically designed to help keep the wearer comfortable, even when working in difficult conditions.


Form by Cherokee Scrubs Pull-on Jogger

Cherokee is one of the best-known names in the world of medical workwear, offering men’s and women’s scrub pants in many styles, often manufactured using high-tech fabrics and with specialist designs. This includes a range of jogger scrubs that are considered some of the most stylish and functional currently on the market. 

Form Cherokee scrubs pull-on jogger pants are one of the brand’s most popular designs, available in both blue and black with a stylish tapered leg that works well with Form by Cherokee Scrubs Pull-on Jogger scrub tops, scrub jackets and lab coats. Designed to be easy to care for, the pants have an interior elastic waistband, a 360˚ stretch, two front pockets and a back in-seam pocket.

Made from a mix of nylon and spandex, these attractive pants are great at wicking the moisture away from your body, meaning you won’t feel damp when working hard, even in hot summer weather. Additionally, the elastic waist won’t chafe or restrict blood flow, meaning you’ll still be comfortable even on the longest shifts. 


  •   Stylish slim fit
  •   Available in a choice of colours
  •   86% nylon/14% spandex knit
  •   Moisture wicking
  •   Three pockets
  •   360˚ stretch
  •   Elastic waist


Dynamix Men’s Scrubs Jogger

Made by workwear manufacturer Dickies, Dynamix men’s scrubs jogger pants are available in a wide selection of colours, including black, navy blue, wine and ciel. The pants feature a combined elastic and drawstring waistband, 4-way stretch fabric and moisture wicking technology. With five pockets to choose from, you’ll have plenty of space for your valuables, while the natural rise helps to maximise comfort.

These stylish jogger pants have a number of extra eye-catching touches including a rib knit waistband, stylised knee seams, and rib knit ankle cuffs. The pants also have cargo pockets to maximise functionality, and while they are designed for men, these jogger pants can be unisex, making them ideal for anyone looking for versatile nursing scrubs to add to their wardrobe. 


  •    4-way stretch fabric
  •   Plus size options
  •   Five pockets
  •   Moisture wicking
  •   Lightweight
  •   Stylish detailing
  •   Tapered leg


Infinity Scrubs Jogger Pants


Infinity scrubs jogger pants have a sleek, contemporary look that makes them perfect for both work and when you’re out and about. Stylish, wrinkle-resistant and featuring a 4-way stretch, it’s easy to see why Cherokee Infinity jogger pants are popular with nurses and healthcare workers everywhere.

The pants have an impressive choice of six pockets. These include two cargo pockets, two back welt zipper pockets and two front patch pockets. The tapered leg is finished with rib-knit ankle cuffs, enhancing the flattering fit of the pants, while the knit waistband and seam detailing ensure these eye-catching pants really stand out.

Infinity jogger pants are made from a polyester/spandex mix. This makes them stretchy, moisture wicking and very durable. Colours available include teal, black, red, peach and Caribbean blue.


  •   Wrinkle-resistant
  •   Moisture wicking
  •   4-way stretch
  •   95% Polyester/5% Spandex mix
  •   Six pockets
  •   Antimicrobial
  •   Easy care


How to Choose the Best Jogger Scrubs for You?

If you can’t decide which jogger scrub pants are right for you, the Scrubs IQ team has a number of tips that can help you find the right fit for you. Firstly, think about which colour would work best with your other work scrubs, and if you’re required to wear a certain shade by your hospital’s dress code, you’ll need to choose scrub pants available in that tone.

Secondly, look at style. Both Infinity and Form scrubs are designed for women, while Dynamix scrubs are primarily aimed at men. Women’s jogger scrubs generally have a slimmer fit than men’s scrubs pants. So, if you prefer a looser look, you may want to opt for Dynamix pants. However, if you like the slim fit look, Infinity or Form scrubs are ideal.

Another element to consider is functionality, and if you need to carry your valuables with you at all times, or if you have a lot of tools or instruments to transport, you might want a pair of pants with a good choice of pockets. Infinity and Dynamix scrubs both offer a great selection of pockets including cargo, front and back pockets, ensuring you have plenty of storage options. 

Last, but definitely not least, it’s important to think about extra features like moisture wicking and wrinkle resistance. If you often begin to sweat when you’re at work, investing in moisture wicking pants will help to keep you dry and comfortable. While wrinkle resistant scrubs will help you to look your best throughout the working day.

Jogger scrubs pants are a great alternative to standard and cargo scrub pants. Perfect for healthcare workers who want to look smart and stay comfortable, they’ll help you to feel confident as you care for your patients. To find out more, and to explore our wide collection of high quality scrub pants, scrub jackets and v-neck scrub tops, take a look around the Scrubs IQ website, explore the blog, or get in touch with a member of our team today. 

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