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Size Charts and Size Technology

 Body Scanning 

3D body scanning technology is a revolutionizing sizinf approach using a combination of lasers and cameras to build a 3D body scan. Via building a 360-degree profile, it allowing for precise measurement and analysis of their unique body shape and proportions.

The Proprietary AI-first technology enabling a unique virtual dressing room experience

Our unique virtual dressing room experience combines accurate size recommendations with photo-realistic virtual try-on, powered by data. Сapture measurements, process data, and deliver personalized results to each and every customer — all through one simple, streamlined solution.

One major benefit of 3D body scanning is the level of accuracy it provides. Traditional methods of taking measurements, such as using a tape measure, can be prone to human error, leading to clothes that don't fit properly. With a 3D body scan, measurements are taken with precision, resulting in a much higher level of accuracy and the resultant qualified fit guide. This means that customers can feel confident that the clothes they purchase will fit them perfectly, eliminating or significantly reducing the need for costly and time-consuming returns or alterations.

In addition to improved accuracy, 3D body scanning also offers convenience for customers. Rather than having to visit a store or tailor in person to have measurements taken, a 3D body scan can be done quickly and easily at home using a mobile phone. This can save time and make it easier for busy individuals to find clothes that fit properly.

Another important aspect of 3D body scanning is the way it neutralizes personal details. While the scan does capture detailed images of a person's body, the data is typically anonymous and is not linked to any personal identifying information. and are not stored. This means that customers can feel secure in the knowledge that their privacy is being protected while still enjoying the benefits of the technology.


Computer Vision & Deep Learning

We use computer vision and deep learning to analyze the photos from which we acquire and process the body measurements and specific body shape data. Our advanced computer vision algorithms detect the dressed human body on photos taken with any smartphone on any background. Neural networks determine landmarks and produce a set of probability maps.

Proprietary Statistical Modeling

We use proprietary statistical modeling to generate human models of arbitrary complexities. We have a full pipeline here that goes from registering raw scans. The dataset of the raw scans is consistently growing due to our scanning lab. We also use our statistical modeling to generate synthetic data.

Machine Learning & 3D Matching

We use machine learning & 3D matching to build a unique 3D model of each scanned customer based on detected landmarks allowing us to accurately obtain human body measurements.


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