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Best Nursing Scrubs: 5 Tips for Finding Them

Best Nursing Scrubs

We know how demanding life as a nurse can be. Your workday may involve bathing patients, performing lifesaving techniques and being exposed to various body fluids. You work long shifts and have to spend hours on your feet. For these reasons, you need nursing scrubs that work with you

Your scrubs must be durable, professional, easy to care for, breathable and comfortable. Nurse scrubs should also be resistant to wrinkles and stains. Use the tips below to find out the essential characteristics of a great pair of scrubs. Then, choose the best scrubs for you at Scrubs IQ

Nursing Uniforms Must Be Durable

When choosing your nursing uniform, select styles made with high-quality materials. Otherwise, your scrubs may feel stiff or wear out quickly. Furthermore, you should select scrub tops and pants that are machine washable.

Our Pick for Durable Scrubs: Revolution Scrubs by Cherokee

Revolution Scrubs pants consist of 78% polyester, 20% rayon and 2% spandex twill. So, they are durable. These nurse pants are breathable and have a comfort waist. Revolution Scrubs pants also feature multiple pockets, a bungee loop and are easy to care for.

Revolution Straight Leg Scrub Pants

All Cherokee Scrubs are durable and comfortable. We have a wide range of men’s scrub and women’s scrub sets in various sizes, styles and colours. Prices for Cherokee Scrubs range from $55 to $60.

Medical Scrubs Need To Look Professional

We know that you work long hours. So, easy to care for, wrinkle-resistant medical scrubs are your best scrub option. Choose quality scrubs made with wrinkle and stain-resistant materials (e.g., polyester). Choosing these materials ensures you maintain a professional look even when you are in a rush.

Our Pick Professional-Looking Scrubs: Statement Nursing Scrubs by Cherokee

Statement Scrubs designs look highly professional. They are made with 76% polyester, 19% rayon and 5% spandex. The tops have front pockets and side vents. They are soft, stretchable and easy to care for. A right-side zipper pocket adorned with rose gold hardware adds to the tops’ sophistication.

Statement by Cherokee Scrubs

Your Nursing Scrubs Must Be Breathable

The ability of your scrubs’ material to breathe is crucial to ensuring your comfort. Breathable materials and side vents help you feel cool and prevent odour buildup. Choosing scrubs made from soft, moisture-wicking materials can help you stay fresh throughout your entire shift. 

Our Pick for Breathable Scrubs: Dickies Dynamix Scrubs

Dickies Dynamix Scrubs are durable, comfortable and high quality. Dickies Dynamix Scrubs range from $55 to $60.

Dynamix scrubs tops have side vents. The pants and tops consist of 91% polyester and 9% spandex. These fabrics are moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant. In addition, Dynamix scrubs are machine washable.

Dynamix Men's Scrubs V-Neck Top

Nurse Scrubs Need To Be Machine Washable

After work, you need to rest. Therefore, the best scrubs for nurses do not require ironing and are easy to care for.

As a nurse, your days likely consist of:

  • Shifts that last from 10 to 12 hours.
  • Back-to-back appointments.
  • Continuously caring for patients.
  • Standing for long periods of time.
  • Paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork.

With this busy schedule, the last thing you want to worry about is handwashing or dry cleaning your medical nursing scrubs. Therefore, the medical apparel you select must be machine washable.

Our Pick for Machine Washable Scrubs: The Infinity Collection by Cherokee

The scrubs in the Cherokee Infinity Collection consist of 95% polyester and 5% spandex poplin. These scrubs are comfortable and machine washable. The Infinity Collection’s fabric is also moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant. With Infinity’s antimicrobial features, you can feel fresh all day

Cherokee Infinity Scrubs Top

Healthcare Professionals Need Comfortable Scrubs

It may be tempting to choose snug-fitting scrubs that will make you look fashionable. However, working in nursing scrubs that are too tight can make moving around difficult. You may also feel extremely uncomfortable. When you are looking for a set of scrubs with a comfortable fit, material matters

Feeling like you need to scratch all the time can make any workday unbearable. As a nurse, you are busy caring for others, which means you have no time to scratch. Therefore, the nursing scrubs you choose must consist of itch-free fabrics.

To find balance, the nursing scrubs you pick need to fit well and offer flexibility. To accomplish this, your scrubs must be the appropriate length and made with itch-free, non-restrictive fabric/fabric blends. Some of the most comfortable Australian scrubs are made with nylon and spandex Knit.

Our Pick for Comfortable Scrubs: The Form Collection by Cherokee

Cherokee’s Form tops, joggers and pants consist of 86% nylon and 14% spandex knit. These fabrics are moisture-wicking, easy to care for and have a 360° stretch knit

The Form Pull-on Jogger Pants below have an interior elastic waistband and mesh side panels. These features ensure that Form’s Pull-on Jogger Pants nursing scrubs are comfortable. Furthermore, with two front pockets and one back in-seam pocket, you have a place for all your essentials.

Form by Cherokee Scrubs Pull-on Jogger Pant

How to Contact Scrubs IQ

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Now you know what to look for and some of your style options. Browse our nursing scrub brands to find a set that will fit perfectly and meet all your workwear needs. 

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