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Best Scrubs for Men & How to Choose Male Scrubs

Best Scrubs for Men & How to Choose Male Scrubs

Because the nursing profession has long been dominated by women, it can be difficult for male nurses to find good quality workwear that’s specifically designed for them. Male nurses often have very different requirements to their female counterparts. And as all nurses spend long shifts working hard in their scrubs, it’s essential that male nurses are able to find scrub tops and scrub pants that fit them perfectly.

To make it easier than ever to find the right scrub set for your needs, we’ve put together our top scrubs buying tips, and created a list of the best scrubs currently on the market for male nurses.


How to Choose Your Scrubs for Male Nurses

There are a few key things to consider before you start shopping for your new pair of scrubs. Thinking about these before you buy will help to ensure you get it just right.  

1. Fit and Style

Most people like to look good and feel confident when they’re at work, and nurses are no different. Choosing a set of men’s scrubs that fit you perfectly will help to ensure you feel comfortable and look great when caring for your patients.

Though it can be tempting to choose large baggy scrubs to maximise comfort, you’ll find your scrubs are a lot more flattering if you select a pair that perfectly fits your proportions. If you’re concerned a slim cut will restrict your movement, look for nursing scrubs made from a stretchy fabric like spandex.

There are also a number of options to consider when it comes to style. For example, you could choose a v-neck scrub top to add a bit of definition to your look, or opt for a rounded neckline for a softer appearance. Take a look at the different styles on offer to find the look that best suits you.


2. Functionality

While looks are important, functionality is key if your scrubs are going to work for you. Look for scrubs that have plenty of pockets so you have lots of places for your stethoscope, pens and instruments. Extra features like a pen slot or chest pocket will make your workwear even more practical.


3. Durability

Nurses, like most medical professionals, work incredibly hard, so it’s important their workwear is just as tough as they are. One of the best ways to ensure your medical scrub set is long lasting is to invest in a pair from a trusted manufacturer. Brands like Dickies and Cherokee are known for producing scrubs that will really stand the test of time.


4. Colours

Healthcare scrubs come in a wide choice of colours. From dark shades like black, burgundy and navy blue, to lighter tones like white, teal and green, finding the colour that’s right for you should be easy.

A lot of hospitals and medical centres assign different colours to different roles or positions. So, you’ll need to check the colour code in your workplace before you buy.


5. Comfort

Like all healthcare workers, nurses often carry out very physical tasks and are required to work long shifts on hospital wards and in medical centres. If your scrubs rub, pinch or itch, this work can be even harder.

The key to finding scrubs with a comfortable fit is size. Choose scrubs in the perfect size and they should let you move around freely without irritating your skin. Opting for scrubs with an elastic waistband, and garments made from stretch fabric, will help to boost your comfort levels.  

If you work in a hot environment, selecting breathable or moisture-wicking scrubs will make a big difference. Moisture wicking fabrics like polyester or rayon will help to remove sweat from your skin quickly and efficiently, leaving you feeling cool and dry even in warm weather.


4 Best Scrubs for Male Nurses 


Dickies Dynamix men’s scrubs are a great choice for male nurses who want a smart, classic look. Moisture wicking, wrinkle-resistant and lightweight, these durable scrubs have a flattering v-neckline, a choice of three pockets – one with a hidden grommet for a headphone cable – and a back and shoulder yoke.

Dickies Dynamix men’s scrubs come in a great selection of colours including teal, navy blue, grey and white. The polyester/spandex mix and four-way stretch ensure these scrubs are flexible, breathable and comfortable to wear all day long.

Fit: Men’s

Number of Pockets: 3

Types of Pockets: Welt Pocket, Chest Pocket, Pen Slot

Features: Side vents, knit inset at neckline

Material: 91% Polyester / 9% Spandex Textured Dobby


Cherokee workwear is known for being durable, comfortable and well-designed. The brand’s Form scrubs are no different. The scrub top features a V-neckline and form-contouring angled side and back seams. The top has a number of mesh inserts to ensure its breathable and the tuckable design means the top will look great however you wear it. 

Fit: Men’s Modern

Number of Pockets: 1

Types of Pockets: Chest pocket

Features: Contrast sleeve inset, tuckable top, mesh insets

Material: 86% Nylon / 14% Spandex Knit



The Infinity men’s polo shirt is a great option for healthcare professionals who want a slightly different scrubs look. The men’s scrub top has a zip chest pocket, a clean crisp collar and rib-knit panels for extra comfort.

The single pocket scrub top comes in navy blue, grey and black and can easily be worn both in the workplace and out and about.

Fit: Men’s Modern

Number of Pockets: 1

Types of Pockets: Zip chest pocket

Features: Rib-knit back panel, tuckable top, antimicrobial, wrinkle-resistant

Material: 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex Poplin



These Dynamix Men’s V-Neck Scrubs are the tuckable version of the standard Dynamix design. Among the best scrubs for men, these durable, stylish scrubs have patch pockets on the chest, two front pockets and a shoulder and back yoke. Moisture wicking, wrinkle-resistant and with a 4-way stretch, they’re perfect for male nurses on the go.

Match your Dynamix top with Dynamix Men’s cargo scrub pants to create a great work look. These pants feature cargo pockets, side pockets and back pockets, making them ideal for nurses who need to carry a lot of instruments.

Fit: Men’s

Number of Pockets: 3

Types of Pockets: Welt pocket, chest pocket, pen slot, wrinkle resistant

Features: Side vents, knit inset at neckline

Material: 91% Polyester / 9% Spandex Textured Dobby

Nursing Scrub Brands for Men

Choosing a trusted brand is one of the best ways to ensure your scrubs are comfortable, stylish and high-quality. Some of best brands for men’s nursing scrubs are:

1. Dickies Dynamix Scrubs

2. Infinity Scrubs by Cherokee

3. Form Scrubs by Cherokee  

4. Barco Scrubs

5. Koi Scrubs



How Do I Know My Scrub Size?

You can find your perfect scrub size by using an online size chart. You can also use an online 3D scanner tool to get a better idea of which men’s or unisex scrub set will fit you best.

Choose jogger scrub pants with a drawstring or elasticated waist if you want to make sure your scrubs will be well-fitted and comfortable. 


What Scrubs Last the Longest?

As long as you buy your scrubs from a trusted manufacturer, they should be durable and long lasting. Keep your scrubs looking good for longer by selecting a machine washable, anti-wrinkle design, and always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.


What Is the Most Comfortable Material for Scrubs?

Man-made fabrics like rayon, spandex and polyester are often the best choice for scrubs as they’re flexible and moisture-wicking.


How Do You Look Classy in Scrubs? 

If you want to look good when working in scrubs, make sure you select a set that fits you perfectly. Choosing a scrub jacket with a slim fit, or pants with a straight leg or tapered leg, will help you to look classy when you’re hard at work.


Final Thoughts

You spend hours every day in your scrubs, so it’s well worth getting a set that looks good and feels great. Choosing a trusted brand, selecting the right size and taking functionality into account should help you find the set that’s perfect for you.  


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