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Best Design Scrubs for Nurses

Best Design Scrubs for Nurses

If there’s one thing every nurse deserves, it’s comfortable workwear. Nurses work incredibly hard caring for their patients. Many toil away around the clock treating injuries, supporting co-workers and carrying out physically demanding tasks. Having a ready supply of high-quality nursing scrubs will not only help nurses to keep cool and comfortable, it will also ensure they look and feel as good as possible throughout the working day.

Design scrubs are scrub sets that are a cut above the rest. Made with high tech materials and designed to be comfortable, durable and flattering, they’re a great choice for nurses who want more from their medical uniform.

Here’s our pick of the very best scrubs for nurses to help you find your perfect new look.


Most Comfortable Design Scrubs

Finding design scrubs with a comfortable fit will help to prevent your uniform from pinching, rubbing or irritating the skin. Most design scrubs are cut to be loose but flattering. This ensures healthcare professionals look good and feel comfortable throughout their long shifts.

The most important factors to look for when buying comfortable scrubs are:

  • Stretch fabric
  • Moisture-wicking abilities
  • Breathability
  • Fit

If comfort is your priority, look for a pair of scrubs made from stretch fabric containing spandex. A lot of design medical scrubs contain at least 5% of this flexible material to aid manoeuvrability and boost comfort.

To get scrubs that are light and breathable, look for a cotton blend or, if you want a men’s or women's scrub set with good moisture-wicking abilities, choose scrubs that have a high polyester content. Manmade textiles like polyester, nylon and rayon are able to draw moisture away from the skin quickly and effectively, helping you to stay cool and comfortable all day long.

Most major scrub brands, like Dickies and Cherokee, manufacture sets of scrubs that contain both spandex and moisture-wicking materials. Many design scrubs are also made to be light, breathable and easy to work in.

Last but definitely not least, fit is incredibly important when it comes to comfort. Check the online size chart to find the right fit for your body type.


Top Design Scrubs for Maternity

Because scrubs are generally fairly baggy, they’re perfect for the first few months of pregnancy. If you need a little extra room, invest in scrub pants with an elasticated or drawstring waist. These can easily stretch to accommodate your changing body shape and help you feel comfortable well into your pregnancy.

You can also find scrubs that are specifically designed for pregnant healthcare workers. Cherokee offers a choice of straight leg maternity pants with the extra room you’re looking for.


Most Stylish Scrubs

Like all professionals, doctors, nurses and other members of the medical community like to look good and feel confident when they’re at work. If style is your priority, you really can’t go wrong with Statement Scrubs by Cherokee. With its curved v-neck line and great choice of colours, this eye-catching collection could be just what you’re looking for.

Form Scrubs by Cherokee are another great option for medical professionals who want a trendy scrub top. Simple, sleek and stylish, this contemporary look is perfect for today’s medical workforce.

Dynamix Scrubs by Dickies also offer a clean, modern look and flattering V neckline design. Wrinkle resistant and lightweight, their choice of patch pockets makes them practical as well as stylish.


Best Plus Size Design Scrubs

These days, most brands manufacture medical uniforms in a good range of sizes. This should make it easy to find your perfect fit, no matter what your body shape. If you’re looking for plus-size nursing uniforms, Dickies, Cherokee and Infinity all offer quality scrubs in size 2XL. Check online sizing guides to find out which scrubs will fit you best.


How to Choose the Best Scrubs for You

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to workwear. While some healthcare workers might want new scrubs with a contemporary cut, others will just want high-quality scrubs that are comfortable and good value for money.

If you’re currently in the process of buying scrubs, here’s how to find the best scrubs for you.


Comfort and Functionality

Comfort and functionality are probably the two most important factors when it comes to choosing new scrubs. As we’ve already seen, the best way to ensure scrubs are comfortable for all body types is to buy scrub tops and bottoms made from stretchy, breathable material with good moisture-wicking abilities.

If you want your scrubs to be functional as well as comfy, choose a design with strategically placed pockets like the Statement v-neck scrub top by Cherokee. Alternatively, pair your scrub top with pants that have a good choice of cargo pockets and you’ll never be short of storage space again.


Durable Material & High Quality Fabric

The more durable your scrubs are, the better they’ll look and the more value you’ll get out of them. Strong, resilient fabrics like rayon, polyester and spandex are perfect for use in medical workwear as they’re tough and durable as well as nice to wear.

If you want extra features from your scrubs, look for a set made with an antimicrobial textile. Wearing high tech antimicrobial fabrics can help to prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens, helping you make your workplace even safer.


Fit, Colour & Style

There’s a great choice of scrub styles on the market, so it should be easy to find the cut that best suits your figure. If you want to give your silhouette a little more definition, a mock wrap top is a great option. Because it’s drawn in at the waist, this flattering fit will look good on people with all body shapes.

A classic v-neck top is another excellent option. Most major scrubs brands make scrub tops with v necklines. Some, like Revolution Scrubs by Cherokee even combine the v-neck and mock wrap styles to create an eye-catching look.

When it comes to colour, you may have to follow the rules set out by your place of work. If you can choose any shade you want, you’ll find design scrubs come in a fantastic selection of shades.


Design Scrubs Brands for Nurses

Dynamix Scrubs by Dickies


A favourite of nurses across Australia and around the world, Dynamix Scrubs by Dickies are made from lightweight, moisture-wicking, four-way stretch fabric. The collection features v-neck men’s and women’s scrub tops, jogger scrub pants and cargo style pants.


Form Scrubs by Cherokee

Like all Cherokee workwear, Cherokee Form Scrubs are well designed and well made. Featuring a 360˚ stretch and excellent moisture wicking abilities, these scrubs will help keep you comfortable throughout your shift.


Infinity Scrubs by Cherokee

Infinity Scrubs by Cherokee are made from fabric that’s wrinkle resistant, good at wicking moisture away from the body and antimicrobial. Featuring a flattering slimline cut, the scrub tops have rib-knit insets at the neckline and a rib-knit back panel. The top has a shirttail hem and can be worn either tucked in or out.


Revolution Scrubs by Cherokee

Affordable and understated, the Revolution collection by Cherokee offers great value for money. Choose from a v-neck or mock wrap top and pair it with simple but stylish straight leg scrub pants. Revolution scrubs are available in a wide choice of colours including black, navy, teal and pink.


Statement Scrubs by Cherokee

The Statement collection by Cherokee features a scrub top with a curved v neckline, a zip front jacket and tapered leg scrub pants. All of the pieces in the range have distinctive zip detailing and are made from stretchy, easy care fabric. Combine all three pieces for a great workwear look.


Nursing Scrubs Frequently Asked Questions

Should Scrubs Be Tight or Loose?

Most good quality nursing scrubs are designed to be loose but not baggy. If your scrubs are tight, it can restrict your movement and cause the material to irritate your skin over time.


How Do I Make My Scrubs Look Professional?

Scrubs are professional workwear, so wearing them will instantly make you look the part. You can make your outfit even smarter by buying high quality design scrubs. These stylish scrubs often have a sleeker, more contemporary look compared to standard scrubs.


How Many Scrubs Should a Nurse Own?

It’s a good idea to have a set for each shift you work per week, plus a spare set just in case. So, if you normally work 4 times per week, 5 sets of scrubs should be enough to keep you going.  


Do Nurses Wash Their Scrubs Every day?

Scrubs should be washed after every shift. Not only do clean scrubs look better, they can help to reduce the chances of infections spreading on hospital wards.


Final Thoughts

Finding a high quality set of design scrubs will help you to look good and feel confident in the workplace. To learn more, and find your perfect pair of scrubs, take a look around our collections or get in touch today.

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