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The Difference Between Designer Scrubs & Normal Scrubs

The Difference Between Designer Scrubs & Normal Scrubs

Normal, everyday scrubs offer very good value for money. Perfect for young nurses, junior doctors and students, they allow you to look the part without breaking the bank.

However, if you have a little more to invest in your workwear, you may well find designer scrubs are an even better option. Although slightly more expensive than normal scrub uniforms, they’re often very well made, beautifully designed and eye-catchingly stylish.

Investing in a set of premium scrubs could help you feel more comfortable and more confident during the workday. What’s more, as high-quality designer scrubs are often very durable, you might actually save money in the long run.


What Are Designer Scrubs?

Designer medical scrubs generally form part of a brand’s premium collection. They could be the manufacturer’s standout product or might come about as part of a collaboration with well known fashion designers. These medical uniforms are often made from high quality materials and most are designed to be flattering, durable and easy to care for. 

Designer Scrubs vs. Normal Scrubs 

The key differences between normal and designer healthcare scrubs vary from product to product.

Standard scrubs are made from affordable, hardwearing materials and are designed to be cheap to make and affordable to buy. Because these healthcare uniforms are mass produced, normal scrubs are often fairly simple in their style.   

In general, you can expect designer men’s and women's scrub sets to offer a few extra features. These might include wrinkle resistant, moisture-wicking fabrics, a choice of trendy cuts and slim fit scrub pants.


Benefits of Designer Scrubs



Because of the importance of scrubs to the medical profession, doctors and nurses are often required to wear them all day, every day. This makes comfort an important consideration.

Designer scrubs are often more comfortable than normal scrubs. Many are made from stretchy, breathable materials, helping you to stay comfortable throughout the working day.


Because designer scrubs are easy to look after, feature a choice of pockets and are very durable, they’re a functional and practical option for doctors and nurses. Invest in a pair of cargo pants to boost the number of pockets you have and make your scrubs even more versatile. 


If you want scrubs that are a bit smarter and more flattering than the average set, designer scrubs may well be the way to go.


Whether you’re investing in scrub tops, lab coats or pants, material is important. Good quality textiles are more breathable and more durable, making them ideal for workwear.

Ethically & Responsibly Made

If you want to know your scrubs are ethically sourced and responsibly made, choose a designer brand with a strong green ethos.


Popular Designer Scrub Brands


Dynamix Scrubs by Dickies


Dynamix Scrubs by Dickies are a very popular choice with medical professionals around the world. According to the brand, these stylish scrubs combine the look and feel of athleisure with functionality and performance.

Made with a 91% Polyester / 9% Spandex mix, the scrubs have a 4-way stretch to maximise comfort. The fabric is also great for wicking moisture away from the body, leaving you feeling cool and comfortable all day long.

Dickies v-neck scrub top collection offers a great choice of colours including white, grey, black, red and teal. All tops come with a range of strategically positioned pockets, making it easy to transport pens, medical instruments and valuables.


Form Scrubs by Cherokee

Cherokee is one of the best known names in the world of hospital uniforms and nursing scrubs. The brand’s Form range includes both women’s and men's scrub tops as well as drawstring jogger scrub pants and pull-on pants with tapered leg.

All Form Scrubs by Cherokee are made with high quality materials. The women’s scrub top has a 86% Nylon / 14% Spandex mix, a curved hemline, 360˚ stretch and a number of mesh inserts to keep you cool.

The Cherokee Form v-neck scrub top for men also has a Nylon, Spandex mix and good moisture wicking capabilities. It has a chest pocket and a hidden power mesh insert at the back yoke flange for ventilation.


Infinity Scrubs by Cherokee

Infinity Scrubs by Cherokee come in a wide range of styles. Choose a flattering women’s mock wrap top, a men’s polo shirt, a zip-front scrub jacket or a long sleeve underscrub knit tee. Pair your top with slimline jogger or straight leg pants for a great work look.

Most products in the range are made from fabric containing a 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex mix. This means all of the parts of your scrub set will be stretchy, moisture wicking and easy to look after.  


Revolution Scrubs by Cherokee

The Revolution Scrubs by Cherokee collection contains a choice of women’s short sleeve scrubs tops and a matching set of straight leg scrub pants. More affordable than some of the brand’s other ranges, Revolution scrubs offer practicality, style and great value for money.

Available in a choice of colours, and ranging from plus size to XXS, Revolution scrubs are a great option for professionals looking for classic scrubs that are reliable and affordable.


Statement Scrubs by Cherokee


Statement Scrubs by Cherokee offer a slightly different scrubs style. Ideal as a contemporary doctor or nurse uniform, the collection features zip-up scrub jackets, tapered-leg scrub trousers and a curved-v neck top. All elements in the collection have zip detailing and are designed to be stretchy, comfortable and easy to look after.



Made with environmentally friendly materials and offering a choice of styles, these colourful doctor and nursing uniforms are perfect for professionals who want to boost their green credentials. Breathable, lightweight and with built in thermal regulation, they’ll help keep you comfortable as you care for your patients.


Lago Scrubs

These simple scrubs are designed to be fast drying, wrinkle free and breathable. The 4-way stretch ensures they’re comfortable to wear all day long, while the wide choice of colours makes it easy to find the set that suits you best.


Koi Scrubs

Koi offers a great choice of men’s, women’s and unisex scrubs. Ranging from normal scrubs to eye-catching designer fashion scrubs, these medical uniforms are a good option for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Choose one of the brand’s print scrub sets to find a design that really works for you.


Barco Scrubs

You’ll find a wide choice of designs, styles and colours in the Barco range. Possibly best known for their Grey’s Anatomy collection, the brand’s scrub tops and bottoms come with a variety of features including a 360˚ stretch and super-soft, wrinkle resistant fabrics.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Scrubs?

Scrubs are perfect for healthcare environments as they’re comfortable, easy to clean and easy to manoeuvre in. What’s more, because they’re synonymous with the medical profession, they help patients to quickly and easily identify their doctors and nurses.


Are Scrubs Made for Men or Women?

You can now find a great choice of scrubs for both men and women. Shop men to find scrubs specifically designed for male doctors and nurses and shop women for more feminine looks. Some brands also manufacture unisex collections.

Does it Matter What Kind of Scrubs You Wear?

As long as your scrubs are smart and comfortable, it shouldn’t matter what kind of scrubs you wear.


Can Scrubs Be Fashionable?

Over the last few years, scrubs have become a lot more flattering and a lot more stylish. Take a look at some designer scrubs collections to find a look that’s right on trend.


What Is the Best Colour for Scrubs?

Some hospitals assign different colours to different roles and positions. This means you may need to buy a specific shade to fit your job description.

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