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What Should You Wear Under Scrubs to Feel Comfortable

What Should You Wear Under Scrubs to Feel Comfortable

Scrubs are designed to be light, loose-fitting, and comfortable. So, if the hospital or clinic where you work has its air-conditioning on full blast, or if you’re based in one of the colder parts of the country, you may well need a few layers to keep you cozy throughout your long shifts.

To help you create the perfect work look, we’ve put together a guide to the best under scrubs clothes and how to choose the right outfit for you.


What to Wear Under Scrubs Tops

Before you start layering up your work clothes, it’s important to check your hospital’s dress code. In some cases, you may be required to stick to certain colours. In others, you might have to avoid anything that could be visible under your scrubs, like a long sleeve t-shirt.

There are also some parts of the hospital where layering may not be allowed for hygiene reasons, for example, in the operating room and on wards that treat immunocompromised patients. This is because harmful pathogens can hide away in fabrics that aren’t sterilised on a regular basis.

1. Long Sleeve T-Shirt 

One of the easiest and most comfortable things to wear under your scrub top is a long sleeve t-shirt. A long sleeve underscrubs top will help to keep your arms warm and prevent the hem of your scrubs top from rubbing. Choose a top that matches or complements your medical scrubs for a smart, professional appearance.

2. Short Sleeve T-Shirt

If you don’t want your underscrubs on show, or if a long sleeve top would be a little toasty, a short sleeve t-shirt is a good alternative. Try to match the neckline of your short sleeve top to your scrub top. So, if your scrubs have a crew neck or v-neck design, buy a top with a similar cut.

3. Tank Top

You can wear a tank top under both men’s and women scrubs to help you stay cool in warm weather. Tank tops can also be used as additional layers under long and short sleeved t-shirts if you need a little extra warmth.


What to Wear Under Scrubs Pants 

Wearing undergarments beneath your scrub pants will help to keep you warm during the coldest of winter months. Again, it’s important to check that your hospital’s dress code allows you to wear extra layers under your scrub pants before you start shopping. 

1. Leggings

Leggings are perfect for spring and autumn as they’ll add warmth to your outfit without causing you to overheat. Leggings are also great as they’re tight-fitting and so will sit comfortably under your scrubs pants. If you wear light-coloured or white scrubs, make sure you choose leggings in neutral colours. 

2. Thermal underwear

If you’re dealing with extreme cold weather, thermal underwear is the perfect choice. Designed to lock in heat while remaining breathable and comfortable, high-quality thermal underwear can make a real difference to your core body temperature.

3. Shorts

Wearing slim-fitting shorts, like cycling shorts or compression shorts, under your scrubs pants will help to keep you warm. It can also make you feel less self-conscious if you’re worried about panty lines showing through the fabric of your scrubs. 

4. Socks

Wearing thick socks under your scrubs in cold weather can help to keep your feet nice and warm and prevent rubbing.


What to Wear Under Scrubs in Winter?

A lot of medical professionals opt to wear undershirts, jogger pants and other additional layers under their scrubs during the winter months. Having a few extra layers can make a big difference to your core temperature and help you to stay comfortable throughout your long shift.

If you’re required to wear scrubs even in cold temperatures, you can wear a short or long sleeve top under your scrub shirt, and leggings or thermals under your scrub pants. Make sure you choose street clothes made from breathable, moisture-wicking materials like polyester. This will help to prevent damp patches and odours from forming when you’re hard at work.

Another option is to add layers on top of your women’s or men scrubs. A scrub jacket or lab coat can look great worn over a long or short sleeve scrub top. Another bonus of adding layers on top of your scrub shirt is that you can remove them easily if you do begin to overheat.


Why Should You Wear Underscrubs?

There are a few reasons why healthcare workers wear underscrubs. The most common are:

  • Comfort
  • Warmth
  • Practicality
  • Hygiene

Comfort is one of the most important reasons for wearing scrub undershirts and pants. Wearing underscrubs can make you feel less self-conscious when you’re at work and prevent your work uniform from rubbing or pinching.

Scrubs are generally designed to be loose-fitting and baggy. As a result, they can be a little drafty. So, if your work environment is often on the cold side, you might want to layer up to stay warm. You’ll find even thin layers can make a big difference to your core body temperature.

If you have to change your scrubs on a regular basis, wearing something underneath can be a practical choice. After all, if you have a t-shirt and shorts under your scrubs, you can get changed quickly whenever you need to. 

As all healthcare professionals know, treating patients can be messy. Even the best scrubs aren’t waterproof so, wearing another layer under your scrubs will help to prevent bodily fluids reaching your skin.


How to Choose the Best Materials for Underscrubs


It’s important to think about the fabric of your underscrubs before you buy. One of the most crucial factors is breathability. Choosing a textile that’s breathable will help to prevent overheating and help to stop odours. Natural fibres like cotton and bamboo are both good for breathability, as are some synthetic fabrics like polyester and spandex.

It's also a good idea to choose material that’s moisture-wicking. Moisture wicking textiles draw liquid away from the body and allow it to evaporate. This will stop you from feeling damp if you do start to sweat. Polyester is one of the best moisture-wicking fabrics.

Last but definitely not least, it’s important to consider the colour of your underscrubs. Both men’s and women's scrubs now come in a variety of colours, so make sure you choose fabric that matches or complements your scrub colours.

If you think underscrubs would help you feel more comfortable and more confident in the workplace, we have some fantastic options to choose from. Explore our collection to find out more.


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