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Sanita Wave Professional Knit Shoe

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Scrubs Description

Sanita Wave Professional Knit Shoe

The Sanita Wave Professional Knit Shoe is a super lightweight and breathable work shoe with an extremely anti-slip sole, which is SRC (Scientific Review Committee) approved. The shoe is designed with a machine washable and antibacterial insole that can be replaced. The shoe itself is also machine washable making it a hygienic option. The insole is antistatic, so the static electricity is derived controlled and in a safe way.

This shoe has been developed for and in collaboration with the care industry. The special design of this clog trains the foot and leg muscles, activate the vein valve and prevents cramp. Also during standing the clogs still relieves the pressure on your legs and backs and prevents pain. The wide fit of the clogs ensures a perfect environment for the feet.

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