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3 Best Nursing Shoes and Clogs to Stand in All Day

3 Best Nursing Shoes and Clogs to Stand in All Day

As all nurses know only too well, good shoes matter. Many nurses spend 12 hours a day on their feet, so it’s essential they have footwear that’s comfortable and supportive, as well as stylish. A good pair of nursing shoes can help to relieve pressure, alleviate aches and strains and improve posture. They can also prevent slips, trips and falls and help nurses to maintain high levels of hygiene in the workplace.

Luckily, a number of brands now manufacture high-quality nursing shoes and clogs. Specifically designed to help nurses cope with long hours and tough physical work, these shoes are perfect for dedicated nurses across Australia. To help you find the right shoes for your hard-working feet, we’re taking a look at some of the best shoes for nurses currently on the market.

How to Choose Comfortable Nursing Shoes and Clogs?

Different work shoes offer different things. While some are made to easily slip on and off, others are designed to provide high levels of support. You can also find footwear that’s specially made to look more like running shoes so it can be worn out and about as well as on the wards. Thinking about what you need from your shoes will help you find the perfect pair for you.

Arch Support

Arch support is crucial when it comes to keeping your feet, knees, hips, back and body properly aligned. Investing in shoes with good orthotics will help to prevent serious skeletal issues, especially in the long term. A good way to tell if a shoe has good arch support is to flex the shoes to see where they bend. Ideally, your shoes should bend at the toes. If the arch support itself bends, it may well mean it’s not supportive enough and could cause you issues in the future.

Roomy for Your Toes

If you spend long hours on your feet, your toes are likely to swell a little as your shift goes on. Buying a pair of shoes that are roomy and offer plenty of space for expansion will help to prevent rubbing and discomfort.


Long shifts can really take their toll on your feet. Good cushioning can act as shock absorption and help to keep you comfy, even when you’re walking up and down wards caring for your patients.

Slip-Resistant Soles

Slips, trips and falls are one of the leading causes of injury in the workplace. And, as hospital floors can be slippery, especially when they’re wet, slip resistant soles are an absolute must.


Buying breathable shoes and clogs can help to stop your feet from overheating in warm summer weather. As well as keeping you more comfortable, this can also minimise odours and help to stop your feet developing issues like athlete’s foot.


Lightweight shoes are perfect for nurses working in hot conditions and those who spend the majority of their workdays on their feet. Lightweight shoes take less of a toll on your legs and back. If you currently sport a heavyweight set of men’s or women’s work shoes, switching to a high-quality lightweight pair could have a big impact on how comfortable you feel at the end of your 12-hour shifts.


Most nurses like to look good when they’re at work, and this extends to footwear. So, though comfort, support and quality are of course important when buying nursing clogs and shoes, style has to come into it as well. There are a number of different looks available, with knit shoes and clogs particularly popular among hardworking healthcare professionals.

3 Best Shoes and Clogs from Sanita

Sanita is arguably the best known name in the world of nursing shoes and clogs. The manufacturer has been making men’s and women's footwear for over 100 years, with all of its high-quality shoes designed and made in Europe.As a result of its excellent reputation, Sanita is one of the top choices for healthcare workers looking for durable, stylish and comfortable shoes.

Sanita San Flex Clog Open Heel Strap

Sanita San Flex Clog Open Heel Strap shoes offer excellent quality and a classic Danish look. Made from durable, genuine leather, the clogs have a protective Permair coating to help your feet breathe while protecting your shoes from scratches and scuffs. The slip resistant, PU outsole provides shock absorption, and the anatomic footbed ensures the shoes are comfortable throughout the working day.

Like many of the shoes in the Sanita range, Sanita San Flex clogs are designed to stimulate the muscles in the feet and legs in order to activate the Venous Valve. This in turn reduces pressure in the legs, minimising swelling and preventing cramping. The open heel makes this the perfect slip-on shoe, while the wide fit ensures the clogs are comfortable in all temperatures.


The main features of Sanita San Flex Open Heel Strap clogs include:

  • Generous width to give a roomy feel and allow for thick winter socks
  • Hand crafted in Europe
  • Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association
  • Absorbent insole keeps you comfortable all day long
  • Reinforced, padded instep holds your foot in the clog
  • Designed to activate the Venous Valve, reduce pressure and relieve aches and strains
  • Permair coating allows your feet to breathe while protecting against scratches and scuffs
  • Sanita Wave Professional Knit Shoe

    The Sanita Wave Professional Knit Shoe

    The Sanita Wave Professional Knit Shoe is super lightweight and breathable. The anti-slip sole is approved by the Scientific Review Committee, and the antibacterial insole can be replaced as needed. Because these attractive shoes are machine washable, they’re very hygienic. They’re also designed with an antistatic insole to help control static electricity and prevent shocks. Like many of the products in the Sanita range, these shoes have been developed in collaboration with the care industry. This means that they meet healthcare workers’ specific needs and requirements. For example, the shoes are designed to help relieve pressure on the legs when standing. This prevents aches and pains and helps to keep nurses and other healthcare professionals comfortable.


    Some of the most important features of the Sanita Wave Professional Knit shoe are:

    • Made from attractive knit fabric
    • Stylish walking shoe look
    • Antistatic, antibacterial insole
    • Machine washable
    • Prevents pressure, aches and pain
    • Lightweight
    • Breathable
    • Look great with scrubs

    Sanita San Flex Clog Closed Heel

    These fantastic, closed heel clogs are podiatrist recommended and made from genuine leather. Their typically Danish design gives the clogs a classic, unisex look, while the high build quality ensures they’re long lasting as well as comfortable. The leather upper surface is protected with a Permair coating, giving you a breathable shoe that’s resistant to wear and tear.

    Sanita San Flex Clog Closed Heel shoes have an anatomic footbed to keep your feet comfortable all day long. They also help to stimulate the Venous Valve and actively work to reduce swelling and discomfort. The clogs have a wide fit to provide good air circulation and plenty of room for your feet. These generous proportions also allow you to wear warm winter socks in colder weather.


    Some of the main features of the Sanita San Flex Closed Heel clogs are:

    • Accepted by the American Podiatric Association
    • Absorbent insole
    • Permair coating
    • Designed and made in Europe
    • Reinforced, padded instep
    • Wide fit
    • Classic Danish design
    • Water-resistant

    Where Can I Buy Sanita Clogs?

    Sanita clogs are available to buy from a number of specially selected retailers. You can find a great choice of Sanita clogs and shoes in the ScrubsIQ collection. Take a look around today to find out more, and to start searching for your perfect pair.



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